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How does it work?

How does it work?

It is fast and simple.

  • 1. Planning
  • 2. Confirm measurements.
  • 3. Fabricate.
  • 4. Install or dispatch.

1. Planning

When you find appropriate advice and you know exactly what to expect, even the biggest transformation could be an exciting and rewarding experience.

Share your projet with us. Telephone Visit us or book an appointment Send us your project   Together we discuss all the relevant aspects and we present a budget estimate.

7 tips to plan your new project

With some anticipated planning and our help, everything could be more simple and fun.
Search for ideas and inspiration for your project.
Search on the internet, magazines, books, etc... Try to look around and see what others have done. Talk to us.
Determine your budget
It might seem difficult to quantify in all aspects. Start with the higher value items, that will help you to understand how much you might spend on the lower value items.
Consult only solid and reputable companies.
It is important to appeal to solid companies which offer guarantees, not only for the present work but also for the future, in the case of guarantee activation becomes required. Ask your family, friends and neighbors about company references in which they have trusted and appealed. Be attentive during the execution of your project and discuss immediately eventual problems with the selected company.
Have all writen.
A detailed proposal also facilitates its optimization. Review your proposal before the contractualization and make sure it includes all the specifications.
Plan all the details.
Avoid as much as possible decisions to be taken during the work execution, decisions that had already constituted conditioned options. Before the work commences try to define as much as possible all the details of your project like constructive aspects, materials and equipment. We collaborate and give the necessary feedback so that you might go forward informed and confident.
Know the advantages and disadvantages of materials.
Each material has advantages and disadvantages. Choose the ones that best suit your needs, lifestyle and budget.
Be bold and choose what you like.
Please do not forget that after the work is concluded you will occupy your time in the new space.

2. Confirm measurements.

At the place of installation all the information that allows to confirm the budget is gathered and subsequently fabricate and install.
This stage can be provided by you, our team or your installer. We will discuss with you, in a wide and profound manner, so that you can comfortably decide and control all the details. At the end, a rigorous project will be prepared and the estimation for the initial budget confirmed.
2. Confirm measurements.

3. Fabricate.

The surface is transformed with all care, rigour and precision.
We only use quality surfaces which offer guarantee. Our experienced team and modern equipment guarantee the perfect manufature.
3. Fabricate.

4. Install or dispatch.

Receive on time exactly what you expect and according to the agreed budget.
Together with you, from order taking to delivery, our team coordinates all the required details for expedition or installation. Since 1989 we have been committed in providing an excellent service quality, always focused in delivering exactly what you expect, within the agreed time-frame and budget.
4. Install or dispatch.
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